Introducing our prize-winning lop pigs

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Introducing our prize-winning lop pigs

Prize-winning lop pigs

With their huge floppy ears and docile nature it is easy to see why our British Lop pigs are the stars of the farm.

Did you know, we have been custodians of this rare breed Westcountry pig since the 1860’s? They used to be called the Cornish white pig and only became known as British lops much later.

The British Lop Pig Society was formed in 1920 with the aim of preserving this wonderful breed, representing the interests of the owners, breeders and consumers.

Giles Eustice has been Chair of the Society for many years, working hard to support and promote these unique and rare Cornish pigs.

2020 should have marked the centenary of the Society, but as with so many things, Covid put a stop to the celebrations and they took place in 2022 instead.

We wanted to celebrate in style, so we took a show team of more than 20 of our finest pigs to some of the county shows. These ranged from older sows and young breeding boars through to the youngest of females.

And what successes we had! We were delighted to come away with scores of prizes in the British Lop breed classes.

Once we had won those it was off to the interbreed classes where our show team had to compete against all the other breed winners. Lo and behold, we did pretty well here too!

At the Royal Three Counties Show alone, we walked away with six top prizes.

Some of the Highlights -

  • Royal Bath and West Show – Traditional Interbreed Champion 
  • Royal Cornwall Show – Supreme Interbreed Champion 
  • Royal Three Counties (the Centenary Show) – Supreme Interbreed Champion / Pairs Interbreed Champion / Group of Three Interbreed Champion / Centenary Breed Champion / Male Centenary Champion / Female Centenary Champion 
  • Devon County – Supreme Interbreed Champion 
  • Great Yorkshire – Traditional Female Interbreed Champion / Traditional Male Interbreed Champion / Reserve Supreme Interbreed Champion 

Trevaskis Farm has helped put this Westcountry breed at the centre of attention in 2022 which all helps with the efforts to protect its future.