Don’t Worry… Bee Happy

Posted by David

Don’t Worry… Bee Happy

Meet Freebee… our latest recruit at Trevaskis Farm! Dedicated to collecting nectar and pollen throughout the warmer months, Freebee and her hard working friends are extremely talented, spending their days between their nest and flowers to carefully craft the magical hexagonal structures which they call home.

They play a crucial role at Trevaskis Farm, back and forth between fields, crops and gardens, pollinating for us. Without Freebee and her team, we wouldn’t be able to bring you the wonderful fresh produce from over 90 different crops that we grow here on the farm. We truly couldn’t do it without them!

This is one of the reasons why we don’t believe in chemical fertilisers or pesticides, and we strive to use as little as possible, if any; we wouldn't want to harm any of our hard working little friends.

Unfortunately, we found Freebee exhausted in the bottom of a supermarket’s Mother’s Day Orchid plant - she must have been working a little too hard in the run up to Mother’s Day, doing the chores for Queen Bee! But not to worry, following a little tender loving care from our team, Freebee is airborne again and very excited to have been introduced to the abundance of Victoria Plum blossom further down on the farm. She’s back to doing what she does best, enjoying nature’s sweet sugary nectar and helping to bring you fresh local produce right here on the Farm. Proper job Freebee!

Today we release our March Newsletter full of even more news about what we’ve been up to recently and what’s coming soon - be sure to check it out here.

Have a great week,

The Trevaskis Farm Team