Christmas meat

Posted by Trevaskis Farm

Christmas meat

Trusted and reliable Christmas meats at affordable prices.

White Turkey £4.65perlb/£10.25perkg                                       

Bronze Turkey £5.33perlb/£11.75perkg

Organic Bronze £7.10perlb/£15.65perkg

Free Range Geese £6.58perlb/£14.50perkg

Organic Geese £8.39perlb/£18.50perkg

Chickens £2.81perlb/£6.20perkg

Free Range Ducks £2.93perlb/£6.45perkg                                    

New this year pigs in blankets £7.99 per pack                     

Uncooked GRN Gammon £5.21lb/£11.50kg                                 

SMK Gammon £5.35lb/£11.80kg                                                    

Our own Pork Sausages £3.40lb/£7.50kg                                    

Pork Leg on Bone £2.70lb/£5.95kg                                                 

Our own Pork Chipolatas £3.62lb/£7.99kg                                

Boneless Leg Pork £3.62lb/£7.99kg

Our own sausage meat £3.40lb/£7.50kg

B/less Shoulder Pork £3.17lb/£6.99kg                   

Rolled Topside £5.89lb/£12.99kg

GRN Back Bacon £6.30lb/13.89kg                         

Rolled Sirloin £11.34lb/£24.99kg

GRN streaky Bacon £3.86lb/£8.50kg                

Rib on Bone £8.03lb/£17.70kg

SMK Back Bacon £6.35lb/£13.99kg                 

Rolled Rib £10.88lb/£23.99kg

SMK Streaky Bacon £3.86lb/£8.50kg                       

Rolled Brisket £3.62lb/£7.99kg

Please call 01209 714009 for more info or to order!