The Organic
Kitchen Garden
Once through the entrance
you will be transported into the consuming world
of Organic Kitchen Gardening!

Kitchen Garden
Kitchen GardenKitchen Garden

Set in a landscaped environment, with habitat pond and picnic area, the Organic Kitchen Garden has been created as an enclosed microcosm of life on the farm - to offer an education in the food we eat and how it is grown. The Organic Kitchen Garden provides a rare opportunity for visitors to see both everyday and exotic fruit and vegetables on the plant, as well as providing an insight into traditional farming methods - an excellent resource for schools and educational groups!

With over 60 different crops on display, we provide information on growing techniques, crop history, nutritional values, recipe ideas and health benefits even ancient beliefs and remedies involving many of the herbs and vegetables!

Wander past the herb garden, to the fruit gardens and vegetable beds, where we grow traditional plants alongside many exotics, such as figs, melons, grapes, peaches, lemongrass and more…

Or simply relax and enjoy your lunch from the Farmhouse Kitchen, in the picnic area surrounded by wild flowers, apple trees and overlooking a habitat pond, buzzing with life.

All the crops we grow in this area are for sale, either within the Farm Shop, or used in our Farmhouse Kitchen Restaurant. Learn, and taste how seasonal fruit and vegetables are used in our delicious home-cooked meals.

Find out about our workshop days… courses held in the Organic Kitchen Garden will teach you, step-by-step, how to create this environment in your own garden.

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