Trevaskis Farm is launching a brand new educational experience on the food we eat and how it is grown!
Where do plants come from?
How do vegetables grow?
Why do herbs smell?
What do they taste like?

child eating strawberries
SheepPlant Education

We are offering an exciting opportunity for schools, colleges, adult education and social groups to learn more about the origins of the food they eat.

With over 70 crops grown on the farm, including soft fruits, vegetables and exotic species, such as figs, grapes, melons and much more, we are able to demonstrate traditional farming methods and allow students to see what each crop looks like when growing in its natural form.

Guided tours will be led by trained and experienced staff, with information displays on crop history, nutritional values, interesting facts and more.

Students will be able to taste a variety of fruit from the plant, view rare - breed sheep, cows and pigs with their young and have lunch in the Organic Kitchen Garden, overlooking a vibrant habitat pond.

Healthy lunch packs are available, including some of the fruit and vegetables students will have seen growing, as well as delicious, homemade treats from the Farmhouse Kitchen Restaurant.

For Key Stages 1 and 2, differentiated worksheets are available, designed to promote discussion and reflection on how fruit and vegetables can be incorporated in a healthy diet, with competitions and certificates for follow- up work undertaken in the classroom. We promise to display some of the work you do!

Endorsed by the Healthy Schools Programme in Cornwall, follow - up opportunities can include visits from our Farmhouse Kitchen chefs to your school or college, to demonstrate how fresh ingredients can be used in delicious, healthy meals - an education for parents and children!

As well as gardening workshops on the farm, we offer consultancy for gardening clubs in schools or colleges, drawing on over 25 years of farming experience! For further information, click ‘Workshops’.



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