The Organic
Kitchen Garden
Once through the entrance
you will be transported into the consuming world
of Organic Kitchen Gardening!

Chef cookingPicking herbs

What can you do with all this beautifully fresh produce, to turn it into something simple and delicious that everybody will want to eat?

Broccoli, potatoes, parsnips, runner beans - for many of us, these can become pretty daunting things when asked to turn them into a tasty meal that will appeal to children and adults. How many people know what to do with a Jerusalem Artichoke?

As a follow-up to our farm tours, Trevaskis Farm offers opportunities for our chefs to visit your school or college, to demonstrate how fresh produce can be incorporated in some mouth-watering and simple recipes and to answer some of the questions sparked by the farm tour.

Our experienced chefs use home-grown, fresh produce in their own recipes daily, to create the meals served in our Farmhouse Kitchen. They are passionate about the quality of the food they serve and look forward to sharing some of their experience and expertise with pupils, parents and teachers.

Endorsed by the Healthy Schools Programme in Cornwall, our aim is to complete the learning experience, with a team of staff that can help you fit our visits into your programme of study.



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