Trevaskis Farm
Trevaskis Farm
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Spring is in the air...

...and the numbers in the new sheep paddock (right next to the car park) are steadily rising, with our Greyfaced Dartmoor lambs nestling contentedly in the paddock - though the odd one has tried to broaden its horizons and wonder off into the car park. So far we have had triplets - our first set ever - and three sets of twins.  Our pigs have also had record numbers of piglets, including a healthy litter of fifteen for one very exhausted mother! The long awaited South Devon calf finally entered the world a couple of weeks ago - a strong bull calf to join our slightly older calf out in the paddock.

Meanwhile, the propogation machine is definately earning its keep, planting thousands of seeds at a time, ready for the early crops of the summer. With the beautiful weather (sporadic, granted, but I'm an optimist...) there is more than a whiff of summer and the farm is a hive of activity...

...which is more than can be said for our hives, unfortunately. Our own bees can't quite keep pace with the strawberry plants in the tunnels, which are already in flower. As any of the children who have come on our school tours could tell you - there is nothing for it but to order in a box of worker bees, who are winging their way here as I write, to pollinate our strawberries, ready for a beautiful crop in time for Easter. Any time now, the courier will arrive with a face greyer than our sheep, praying the box was taped up securely!

The shelling peas are starting to grow and should be ready in May, while carrots, parsnips, beetroot cabbages, swede, fennel and more have been drilled ready for the summer as well as our herb pots in the organic kitchen garden and our early potato crop. We have even started sowing our purple sprouting broccoli ready for that fantastic crop that will see us through next winter. Raspberries in the tunnels have started to sprout tiny leaves and should be ready for Pick Your Own and a good few pavlovas in May.

Down in the yard, the pigs have been strutting their stuff for Giles and Mariusz, hoping to be picked out for show stock. Devon County Show is looming, as well Royal Cornwall and this year Giles is entering stock for the Bath and West, which we have not entered for some time. The shows are a fantastic day out and a great celebration of the all diverse and traditional breeds, like the British Lop pig. We always enjoy meeting our customers at the shows, supporting our Lops in the ring.

The chefs are starting to smile as the pace in the restaurant hots up and I hear the shouts of '..this is nothing compared to a busy Saturday in summer!' to our new recruits, who will be more than ready for the challenge.

So please make the most of the mild weather and come and share in all this activity on the farm. The farm is open daily from 8am, to be wondered and enjoyed. The piglets, lambs and calves are out in the paddocks, more than happy to be the centre of your attention!

We look forward to seeing you soon!





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We look forward to seeing you all soon - Thank you!
Giles & the Trevaskis team