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Apple Day 2010 a great success...roll on Community Card Weekend 2010!16th and 17th October
Edition 29 Date 11-10-10

...Massive savings, tasters and offers for Community Card holders, as our next big event 'Trevaskis Community Card Weekend', welcomes loyal card holders, as well as new members, to reap the rewards of being members of our Trevaskis Community!

Hot on the heels of our tremendously successful Apple Day, Community Card Weekend aims to celebrate the very best of our home produced goods, as well as offering a taste of the fantastic local produce we can offer our regular shoppers.

Best of all, Tracy is extremely excited about the addition of around 30 new wines she is adding to our cellar in TM in time for Community Card Weekend, with up to 30% discount on all wines for the weekend...heaven! She tells me she is committed to researching the product thoroughly...

Anyone for cheese and wine..?
 Never ones for standing still ( that and being fairly partial to a glass of wine..) Giles and Tracy recently observed that our lovely wine showcase in TM could easily house many, many more varieties of wine ...

...extending our rather limited wine offering to a glorious representation of world wines. So that's exactly what we're doing!

Many of you may have met our excellent wine supplier Aiden of Tanners of Shrewsbury, at our Big Weekend event back in July. Tanners is a family business established in 1842, with whom we have worked for many years, and who have helped us over the years to devise and revise our wine list in the restaurant and our wine offering in TM.

Aiden has worked closely with Tracy, our dedicated retail manager (...and equally dedicated wine connaisseur) to select some of the best wines from around the world to introduce to TM at our Community Card weekend. Tracy has gone further than this, however, and will be offering tasters of some of the best cheeses from the deli to accompany her wine selection, matching these with biscuits for cheese and offering massive savings on both, as well as directing you to the best combinations, just in time for Christmas! My idea of heaven...

Cheese and wine tasting will be held on Saturday in Trevaskis Market.

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Delightful discounts!


  • 50% off all our own label jams
  • 30% off all deli produce 
  • 20% of all wines
  • 20% off all cheese
  • 10% off biscuits for cheese
  • 10% of fish and meats from the butchery
  • 30% off fruit and vegetables

 ...making this a fantastic foodie fest for all our lovely supporters!


Not a Community Card holder yet?
Here's how to sign up now.... and receive your card by post in time for Community Card Weekend!

Just click 'Whats On' on the Trevaskis website to sign up for our Community Card online. In joining our Trevaskis Community, you are supporting the many local business and farmers that we work with and our commitment to over 60 local employees that we employ year round, as well as our education programme for local school children and students.


Coming up...another date for your diary! Sausage Day 2010 Saturday 6th November. Watch this space!

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We look forward to seeing you all soon - Thank you!
Giles & the Trevaskis team