Trevaskis Farm
Trevaskis Farm
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At last...we declare the conservatory well and truly open!!
Edition 27 - Date 13-5-10

Firstly, I must apologise for the time that has elapsed since our last newsletter, while rejoicing in the reasons for the delay! As anyone who has visited the restaurant in the past few months will have noticed, the restaurant has undergone some extensive refurbishment and development, resulting in two (thankfully) updated restaurant rooms and a beautiful conservatory that now links the two. Happily, the conservatory has been a true success story so far, with many of you voicing your approval (thank you - always a great relief!) and even more of you booking the conservatory for repeat visits. We can begin to breathe a sigh of relief now that restaurant has subsequently been as full as it can possibly be on a few Saturday nights and Sundays, and thus far no complaints and many compliments from customers, and as yet our staff have not packed their bags and left us due to the increased pressure! In fact, we are enormously grateful for their enthusiasm and positivity - a formidable team that can handle pretty much anything thrown at them and you still hear determined cries of 'Bring it on!' from beneath a mountain of orders on a Saturday night!

But no rest for the wicked - with so much going on we have turned our attentions to our big summer events, towards the fields and tunnels which are dripping with crops ready for the summer months and to our new residents... the scary ones and the feathery ones. Read on for more information....

Scarecrow Weekend -  29th/30th May
This May bank holiday sees the first ever Scarecrow Weekend at Trevaskis Farm. A free event to promote the farm as an education centre for schools and families, with a bit of fun and just a bit more voting involved (like you haven't done enough of that recently..!)

Our local schools have come up trumps and taken us up on our slightly whacky request for scarecrows in the theme of characters from traditional tales. In return, each school that participates recieves enough plants to establish a kitchen garden or to add to their existing garden, while the winning school will be invited to join us for a free day at the farm and follow up work with our chefs working in their school, with some of the ingredients they have seen growing in the fields.

The event is intended to promote the educational possibilities within a business such as Trevaskis. Since we have been running our education programme in earnest here at Trevaskis, around 5,000 students, from nusery aged children, to college students and adult groups have visited the farm to learn about the journey of food from field to plate. The unusual diversity of the business means that chidlren can not only see how food grows in the fields but, once we've dusted the mud off, they can see how the produce is sold or used in the restaurant, they can see how our livestock is reared and learn about the fresh fish available to us just off the Cornish coast when they visit the fishmonger. Younger groups enjoy the sensory experiences of tasting fruit, smelling the herbs, picking apples etc while the older children gain an insight into running a business or businesses such as this and the decisions that have to be made and problems that need to be solved.  

Just as importantly, we hope to make more parents aware that the farm is open to walk around, free of charge, year round (although areas may be closed in the depths of winter due to too much mud!) and your children can see around 100 different crops grown seasonally plus piglets, calves and lambs.

Scarecrow weekend opens at 10 am - 8pm Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May. The scarecrows need your votes!

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The Tale of Buster, Billy and Bolt
A short while ago, we decided to dabble in the world of hatching our own chickens. We managed to hatch eight - Giles 'helping' them out of their shells with a toothpick because he couldn't bear the wait...

We had a handful of Wellsummers and a good few Light Sussexes ( a few too many cockerals ) which grew into fine chickens, only to suffer an attack by our neighbours dog that cost us five of our eight lovely chickens.

The remaining three we named Buster, Billy and Bolt. Two light Sussexes - a hen and a cockeral and a Wellsummer hen, who lived happily, attacking the neighbours' children and waking everybody up at the crack of dawn, until the next dog attack from which only a slightly chewed Buster and a totally unscathed Bolt (the cockeral) managed to survive.

Enough was enough and we decided to relocate Buster and Bolt and brought them here to the farm. Giles promptly visited a poultry sale and so now we have a happy, if very mixed, flock of chickens and a few ducks thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, the formidable Bolt has since passed away - probably the lack of small child in his new diet - but Buster remains, and they truly are an asset to the farm and lovely to watch. You will find our new residents in their enclosure as you walk past the currants and gooseberries on the way down to the tunnels. Please go and have a look and remember to get in touch if you read of any cockerals in the lonely-chicks columns... 

The 'Pick Your Own' season is coming...
...and the tunnels are laden with fruit, while the crops in the fields look set to be even better than last year.

With our own strawberries on sale everywhere you look in Trevaskis Market at the moment, you can be in no doubt that tunnels are laden with beautiful fruit which taste much nicer when they are picked by your own hand - as fresh as possible straight off the plant. A brilliant education and a great day out for children, and next month will see gooseberries, raspberries, currants, broad beans, peas and much more ready to be picked.

Why not take a leaf out of your granny's book and fill your freezer with fruit to take you through the winter months? Or resolve to make this year the year to start making your own jam?

So watch this space and the TM shelves as they become full of the freshest home-grown produce picked that morning, only a few minutes down the lane! Couldn't be better...


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We look forward to seeing you all soon - Thank you!
Giles & the Trevaskis team