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Rugby, schools, pigs and Chilli Chocolate  mousse...
Edition  26 - Date 01.02.10

I can't believe its February already - as I write, it's sparkling blue outside and a mild frost, but my favourite winter weather. I am happy to have so much to write about already this year - a terrific sponsors day at Camborne Rugby Club, a successful 'Industry Day' at Mounts Bay School, some truly decadent menus for Valentines Day and Chinese New Year and (and I have to admit this one excites me almost more than anything else...) some new arrivals in the butchery, market and sweet counter - to die for!!

Meanwhile, on the farm there have already been a few litters of piglets born in 2010 while the showpigs have been busy practising - strutting their stuff ready for this year's shows, up and down the field, with Mariusz. A little more discipline in the ring was called for (and I don't just mean from Giles and Mariusz). Read on to find out more...


Valentines Evening and Chinese New Year
 Once again our talented team of chefs have come up trumps, with two exciting menus for Valentines Day and for Chinese New Year.  

Valentines Day (same date as usual - but for those of you who have 'trouble' remembering -  its Sunday 14th February) and we have a menu to tempt the tastebuds of young lovers, or those that are just young at heart! Meals to share such as Chateaux Briande - beautiful South Devion fillet steak carved at the table, or how about 'Oysters Rockerfeller', lobster thermadore or a delicious venison steak? Our chefs assure me they have hand picked ingredients to get your pulses racing!

We are celebrating the Chinese New Year - the Year of the Tiger - in style on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th February, when the girls work their magic to transform the restaurant into a little Eastern oasis! The chefs have been inspired to create a menu full of our own fresh ingredients given an oriental twist, with such favourites as pan fried scallops in ginger, garlic and soy sauce, duck spring roll and chilli prawns, Kung Po chicken, chilli and lemongrass squid and much more. To see the full menu, click the link below. I would definately advise booking - call 01209 713931 or book online.

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Sponsors Day at Camborne Rugby Club
We are proud to be in our second year of sponsoring Camborne Rugby club. Family, staff, suppliers and old friends enjoyed our Sponsors Day at the club on Saturday.

We were pleased to welcome friends from Paul's old Camborne Colts team from 1963/64, many of whom Paul hadn't seen since their rugby playing days. David Medlyn, Roger Moyle, Terry Carter, Peter James, Dickie Wells, Dereck Penhaligan, Geoff Lord and Ashley Rowe joined us, as well as Brian Bray and Brian Smith their coaches. We also were delighted to welcome John Collins and Chris Woolcock to the club once again, both of whom went on to play for England, and ex - Camborne player Henry Casley who grew up on Trevaskis Farm. 

The team played brilliantly, unquestionably deserving their place at the top of the league, beating Newquay 42 - 0. No doubt the very vocal encouragement of our Front of House staff helped...

We would like to thank Collin and the team for their great hospitality - it's a great treat for someone to lay on a buffet for us - its normally the other way round! Everyone really enjoyed the day. Thanks also to the suppliers who came to support us. Your presence was much appreciated.


Industry Day at Mounts Bay School

When Martin the fishmonger first came to work at Trevaskis Market, he didn't bargain on standing in front of thirty 15 year olds, answering questions on his career, filleting techniques and quite literally anything else. But last Monday he found himself doing just this at Mounts Bay School Industry Day.

Martin and his fish counter have become a regular feature on the farm tours that we host throughout the spring and summer terms - the children love seeing inside the mouths and gills of fish, understanding how they lived and moved in the water, how they were caught, how you can tell how fresh a fish is and particularly watching Martin extract the 'quill' or ink well from the body of a squid!

Martin was invited to work with Year 9 students at Helston College last year where he took an assortment of fish, demonstrating filleting techniques and helping the students cook the fish for each other to taste. We were happy to be invited back to Mounts Bay Industry Day, where we have traditionally taken our chefs but thought that Martin and his fish would make a refreshing change. The session went down brilliantly with the students - in many years of teaching I have never known children to be so transfixed for an hour.The students were a pleasure to teach and it was rewarding to hear so many of them say they would eat fish regularly from now on, some having never tried fish before. Many of these young people will be cooking for themselves soon and fish is a great option for them - it is so easy to prepare, the simpler the better, it can be cheap but is low fat and good for you. It was also great to be able to give the students an insight to an industry that is on their doorstep, so entrenched in Cornish history.

Many thanks and congratulations to Martin and to Ruth Roskrow at Mounts Bay for inviting us back again.

Welcome to the sweet counter...

Over the decades, I believe our sweet counter has become the stuff of legend... and quite rightly so! Adele and Charmaine's family recipes and insistance on quality ingredients has earned Trevaskis Farm a place in the heart of anyone with a love of pure decadence! We always try to make sure the old favourites are available - Lemon Sponge Pudding, Banoffee Pie, trifle and tiramasu, but our patisserie team are much too talented to hide their lights under any bushels (and anyway, I don't think anyone is clear on what a 'bushel' is) so under the guidance of Adele, James and Kim have been trying out a few specials and I have been taking the self-appointed post of 'cheif taster' very seriously indeed...

Banoffee pavalova, pecan pie, white chocolate mousse, pear, almond and chocolate tart to name but a few, but my personal favourite is chilli chocolate mousse - like our chocolate mousse but with a real kick! It raised a few eyebrows on its first outing but I see that already it has established a few fans among our Sunday customers!

From the butchery, a great new discovery are the chipolata sausages for 'working mums' like me who want to get dinner cooked for little ones in a nano-second but don't want to serve up fast food rubbish - you can still have our delicious sausages but you won't have to faff about cutting them in half and pressing them into the pan to hurry them up a bit!

If you're stuck for ideas for dinner and you get that half four 'what am I going to cook?' panic, try the 'Spice - n - Tice' curry packs. They are amazing little packets containing a really simple shopping list, just meat and veg and maybe some yoghurt, and then inside, the instructions and all the spices you need to cook a delicious and authentic curry. If I can do it, believe me it's simple. Giles and I have lived on them for the last few weeks and served them to dinner guests (we may have hidden the packets) and they are delicious. In the same vein, Tracey has posted 'What's for dinner tonight?' notes around TM to help you think of something a bit different.


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We look forward to seeing you all soon - Thank you!
Giles & the Trevaskis team