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A very fishy Good Friday...
Edition 19 - Date 02-04-09
What glorious weather, as we head quickly into another season. The farm activity is at a high at the moment, with more crops going in the ground than ever before in our 30 years and more people visiting, with over 600 joining us for lunch on Mother's Day! Our furry friend the field mouse had a banquet of squash and pumkin seeds from our propagation area and our pigs are having litters galore in this great weather, with over 60 young piglets joining the world in the last few weeks. Fish Fair on Good Friday is shaping up well and with my father Paul now back on his feet, another Kitchen Garden Day is approaching.....
Early season due to cold weather?
Yes it's true. The cold weather we had has helped things have a rest by sending them into dormancy. The result is that when it does warm up they have much more energy and sprint to the finish line!

As such, the bumble bees have just arrived and are busy finding their feet in their new home full of flowers. Bumper crops are heading our way on many of our fruits this year, so look out for some good bargains for those of you who like to harvest and store for the winter!

We have made some great leaps in our growing plans for the farm this year and a little investment in equipment and technology; last week I was able to seed over 30,000 plants in one afternoon, although as you see we still use the trusty wheelbarrow! This accounts for our transplanting crops and we have sowing plans like this happening every 2 - 4 weeks from Nov to July, not taking into account all of those plants that are drilled straight into the ground. I am a very firm beleiver in the fresher it is the more flavour it has. This resonates here, with many meals on your plate or produce in the market growing just minutes before. We are already picking our first bunched spinach of the year as well as radish, sorrel, rainbow chard, a range of herbs from the kitchen garden and our early season rhubarb. And for the few lucky shoppers each day the very first of our bunched asparagus...finally we get away from all this foreign produce that dominates everybody's shelves and fridges for those winter months.

Soon to come will be our first bunched carrots (next week), pak choi, lettuce, golden turnips and our own spring onions. I couldn't resist pulling one of these young onions out this week and trying it... it tasted like they used to! With so much visiting our shelves from our own fields this year it really is going to be a blast from the past of real market days selling real food, knobbly, crooked, oversized, undersized, FRESH AND FULL OF FLAVOUR!

We will also be doing our best to offer as many rewards as possible on our own produce to boost your 'Community Card' savings and right now we have 50 points being awarded on our bumper crop of purple spouting broccoli.


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A Good Friday Fish Fair!
The next event in our calander looms and all hands are already 'to the deck' getting everything in place. With so few fishmongers left these days and with news of one more in a nearby town about to close, we are pleased to be able keep supporting what is such an important local economy event day to celebrate!

Martin and team will be on hand in the fishmongers with the widest range of fish and crustaceons I am sure you could find anywhere. Martin has much experience in this area having grown up on the docks of Newlyn and will be offering advice and much more... with a little bit of market banter!

There will be a range of fish on taste, cooked to perfection by our chefs, with advice on recipes and preparation. The barbeque (weather permitting) will be smothered in seafood kebabs, fresh tuna, crevettes and shell-on prawns, all available to buy for lunch or as a snack, coupled with some great drink selections to wash it all down.

With pints of cockles, whelks, mussels and prawns to fresh lobster, crab and locally smoked delights such as kippers and crevettes there will be something for everyone. Even our range of homemade fishcakes and fish pies to take away with you. What's more there will be extra points on all fish purchases!

This will be another great day out with the farm open to all, with young lambs and baby piglets just born and the first shoots of a new season. I hope you are all able to come and show your support.

The Fish Fair starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm with the barbeque from 11.30am to 3pm.

Fresh flavour...right from your own garden!
For those of you yearning to have your own fresh vegetables right on your own door step, but not quite confident on how to approach it another of Paul's acclaimed Kitchen Garden days is here.

Saturday April the 25th is the day, full of interesting tips and hands on instruction to get you started. Booking is essential and it all comes with a healthy lunch from the restaurant. Past attendees have raved about Paul's simple 'no-fuss' approach to just making it happen. It all takes place in the evocative surroundings of the Organic Kitchen Garden. For more information, itineraries, to receive a booking form or for email reservations visit or click below to go online.

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We look forward to seeing you all soon - Thank you!
Giles & the Trevaskis team