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Spring is here, so are the lambs...
Edition 11 - 26-03-08
It has been a while since our last news letter and I thought it time to update and give you an idea why. It has also been a while since I have given you a good hearty update on all that is happening on the farm, yes, the actual farming bit ! Plus those of you receiving our newsletter are going to be the first to get the inside information on our next project, through which we hope to revolutionise your weekly shopping experience; offering a true alternative to the supermarket giants. Read on and, I hope, be inspired... 
Midnight lambing...
With some luck we have not faired too badly from the recent severe gales, although our over-wintered broad beans would surely disagree, as they changed from a healthy dark green glow to beaten black with torn leaves over night. However, they will recover. The animals around the farm also took for cover and thankfully all housing remained intact.

Now, however, the spring lambing has started on the farm and we have our first new recruits skipping around the paddocks, with two sets of adorable twins and one single ewe. More due means the late night, or should I say early a.m. inspections of the lambing pens still continue! 

It has become apparent that some 4 months ago, our boar must have been quite a busy boy, as we have had 4 sows farrow over the same week recently, with a resulting 36 piglets and have at least 2 more sows due fairly soon! We have even had a set of twins from one of our prized 'South Devon' cows, one boy and one girl ! All this timed just nicely to fit in with our recent school tours as well as the upcoming bookings and summer traffic.

Of course as always the farm is open all year round and you are free to come along, wonder the fields, and view the animals indulging in their free range lifestyle.


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New shop... new crops !
With the wet weather of late we have been busy under the cover of the poly tunnels, and with our new farm shopping experience on it's way, there has been a real commitment to grow an even larger range of the freshest crops that you have come to enjoy so much from the farm.

The summer strawberry and raspberry crops have started to come to life, so we have closed up their tunnels to keep them nice and warm and finally we have finished the long winter pruning task.  We have planted a new crop of all the summer berries and currants and a further planting of cherries. We have even managed to find enough dry weather in the last few weeks to get in our early sugar snap, mange tout and shelling peas as well as an even greater range of our own potatoes. So this year we will have our own Charlotte salad potatoes, Maris Bard earlies, the old fashioned and unseen Sharpes Express as well as our favourite, Maris Peer. We have also been expanding on our herb garden offering and getting all the early salad and vegetable crops potted up, these now being ready to get in the ground, offering our usual large range of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, aubergine, courgette, peppers of all colours, runner beans and much more.

I am having a little personal battle with our furry friend the field mouse, who seems to have made it his ambition in March to break into the propagation unit, locate, and eat every pumpkin and squash seed that we have potted and despite my relocating and protective measures he is still defiant! Rest assured we shall win the battle and, come autumn, will have our usual extensive range.

The first of our crops for the year have already started with our early rhubarb and the very first of our asparagus pushing up through the ground.

We have had some great new farm staff join our team over the last 6 months which in turn is going to help us to grow more of what you want, in tighter succession, to give you the very best continuity of our crops right through the year. And with our crop portfolio now topping 90 different crops it should be the best you have seen yet and of course unrivalled in this area.


All this under one roof ?
Yes, here you have it, the very first preview of the new 'Trevaskis Farm Market'. It has been a busy winter of planning, research, designing, costing, re-costing...rethinking! But at last we are almost there, well not quite, as we are still very much in the throws of a building project but the end is in sight, with an anticipated opening in early May.

So what is it all about, what's so revolutionary? Imagine this, a pantry area dedicated to the real food grown on this farm which consists of over 90 crops, as I have previously mentioned (these also being available, as always, to pick with your own hands from our fields) complemented with a vast range of other crops grown for us either by local farms or sourced in the same manner; a butchery, with pork from the same farm you are shopping at and without compromise 'South Devon Breed' beef from a dedicated farmer, who is only just up the road. Then there is poultry from only the finest free range Westcountry producers and new season lamb from local farms, as well as our own! Complement this with a fishmonger, stocking fresh fish and shellfish landed daily only just down the road in Newlyn and you are starting to get quite an offering; but it is not stopping there. Why not sample the Trevaskis Deli, with ranges of our tried and trusted salads, olives, sun dried tomatoes, our own home cured meats, cooked hams, chorizo's and salami's and a great range of Cornish and world cheeses, even select something to wash this down with from our wine selection.

Naturally, to go with all this there will be a dairy counter, with all the necessities for a weekly shop, but even better still, if we are going to make this a real offering in convenience shopping, there must be ready meals, but get this, not the ready meals that we may not trust, produced in some gigantic factory on a production line, but Trevaskis Farm ready meals produced here on our own site; much like buying a meal in our restaurant! Put with all that, a freezer centre, bakery and some of the finest artisan products to complete your grocery shopping and you truly have an alternative all under one roof.

We have been working relentlessly on the research to make all this happen, not only happen but to work, and in that I mean, it must be competitive, so keep watching and you will hopefully see what we mean.

Sadly we will need to close temporarily and that date is looming. From Monday 31st March the shop will be shut until the re-opening. This is targeted to be the second week in May, please drop by and catch up if passing and of course the restaurant is open as usual. The butchery will be taking meat orders via the restaurant and utilising the restaurant kitchens to enable this. Any orders placed on or before any Tuesday, will be available for collection from the Thursday of the same week.

If you wish for any further details please use the contact link below, email or call, and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Rest assured we will keep you updated on the build progress and grand re-opening.


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We look forward to seeing you all soon - Thank you!
Giles & the Trevaskis team