Trevaskis Farm
Trevaskis Farm
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The Orchards are open !
Edition 5 - 24-08-07

Below we have updates on all that is currently available to pick with the weather finally turning in our favour, making a gentle stroll around the farm possible rather than a mad dash between the showers, as has often been the case this summer! As we enter into the bank holiday weekend we open our 4 acres of established apple orchards for 'pick your own'. Also butchery news with 'New Season' Tregothnan Estate venison this weekend and an early heads up on our forthcoming great sausage taste...

Bramley and bramble pie ?
Over 25 years ago against all advice from so called 'experts' my father set out to create a modern productive apple orchard in Cornwall. Today we have over 15 different varieties thriving in our established orchards and they open this weekend for their first pick of the season.

This weekend we have ready to pick; Katie, a crisp and juicy blushed apple originating from Skandinavia and Greensleeve, a very juicy, crisp green apple from a cross between Golden Delicious and James Grieve. It is a little early for the Bramley cookers but you could pick a few of the larger ones and with the orchard being surrounded by our large cultivated blackberries laden with fruit their couldn't be a better time for that pie!

Also just starting are our long awaited Runner Beans, which are very late this year due to the bad summer. Strawberries and Raspberries are still picking in reasonable quantities and it is your last chance to get the last few Red or Whitecurrants hanging from the bushes before they drop of to feed the birds!

We will keep you updated by newsletter and in the offers section of our website on new apple varieties coming into season as we wait for the Cox, Russet and much more...

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Luxury Tregothnan Estate Venison...
With venison coming back into season only just a few weeks ago we are very lucky to get one of the first animals of the year from the wonderful people at Tregothnan Estate.

It will be on sale this weekend having been hung for the perfect amount of time that should make for a very tender and flavoursome animal. Pete our butcher will be available to assist with your desired cut along with myself, or one of our chefs always on hand to give some interesting tips on cooking and presentation. It will also be featuring on our restaurant specials menu over the next two weeks as we have another animal arriving next week. My favoured recipe at the moment would be Medallions of Venison set against our own mint and parsley butter crushed new potatoes with our fine green beans served under a rich whiskey cream sauce with portobello mushrooms, this dish has had great reviews in the restaurant over the last 2 days !!

Saturday the 8th September sees us holding our sausage tasting weekend. More details will follow shortly as Huw Jones, our talented charcuterie expert will be unveiling a whole range of sausages and chorizo's to tempt the pallet. We will keep you posted. 

We look forward to seeing you all soon - Thank you!
Giles & the Trevaskis team