Trevaskis Farm
Trevaskis Farm
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Soldiering on despite the rain...
Edition 3 - 04-07-07

The wet weather we are getting at the moment is making life tough on the farm, both for the crops as well as our school tours, although most of the school groups have actually enjoyed the wild and wet weather, as children do ! We have our outdoor chef's challenge next week and have been working very hard on a transformation of the farm shop - details below...

Summer fruits come rolling in...
Here we are at this time of year, when almost all of the summer fruits are at their prime, great news...but where are all the pickers ?

The answer is - probably at home avoiding this rather sodden June month we seem to have had ! Thankfully, our band of 'die-hard-pick-your-owners' are still making the most of it; filling their baskets with all they can muster. Sadly, though, we are not seeing the droves of parents coming along with their children for the experience of picking their own fruit and I urge them not to miss out, as this is the month that everything is ready and prime for picking. Even dodging the showers can add a fun element to your day ! Meanwhile, we are busily picking off all the excess fruit and making jams by the bucket load, keeping the fruit in pristine condition for the pickers whilst offering a full range of jams in the shop for those that missed out this year. Loganberries, tayberries and tummelberries have just started and our outdoor raspberry crop is in full fruit - for the full details of all the pick your own available click our link below.

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The chefs display their wears...
After a request from Truro College Science Department for a cookery demonstration as part of their staff outing, we decided to go the 'whole hog' and make a day of it!

Two of our talented chefs will be going head to head, showing off their skills in front of the crowd. James Wearne, who has been with us for some time now, since moving from his successful career at Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant, will be showing off his patisserie skills utilising a range of fruits from the farm, whilst our new recruit, James Campbell, will be tempting the pallet and inspiring the cooks among you with some interesting twists on pork from our butchery and local Newlyn fish catches. James recently moved down from Glasgow where he worked in the prestigious Regano Oyster Bar.

All in all, it is a day to celebrate and connect with the food that surrounds us at Trevaskis, as well as our local area, plus a chance to pick up some interesting tips !

Please come along between 2pm and 4pm on Tuesday 10th July...all our welcome !

New shop ? No, but loads of exciting new stock !
Time for a complete rethink on our shop stock, which led us down some interesting paths, especially when I asked one of our staff to do a web search for a producer called 'Spanks'; I was not flavour of the week I can assure you...

However, putting this aside, we have introduced some massive changes to our range of goods, combined with a complete re-arrangement of the shelves to incorporate a better use of shelf space, to ensure that you, the shopper, gets the most out of your trip to Trevaskis. With pallets arriving all this week (apologies for those who have been shopping around these) and more arriving everyday, I have to say the shop is now a place that I would really enjoy doing my food shopping, where I could hunt out many different items to play with in my cooking...but I am a bit of a foody admittedly. With new ranges of 'Organica' organic pasta and pasta sauces, 'Sierra Rica' dips, soups, tapenades, olives and artichoke hearts to a new ranges of 'Ruan Ridge' wines (which our conscientious staff are thoroughly sampling), and chutneys, sauces and jams from 'A Bit On The Side', plus all our regular best - sellers, we have most things covered! We have also introduced a new range of gifts with pebble pottery by Jo Wojtowycz (featured in 'Inside Cornwall' magazine), Lily Flame candles, plus the complete junior gardeners set and even 'paint - your - own' wellies! The transformation is a must see and we will be running tasters on all the new stock over the next few months.

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We look forward to seeing you all soon - Thank you!
Giles & the Trevaskis team