Trevaskis Farm
Trevaskis Farm
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Show Success...
Edition 2 - 15-06-07

Some refreshing showers over the last few days have really perked some of the field crops up after the little warm watch out for our own produce flooding in over the next few weeks. Our trip to Royal Cornwall Show proved a great success in more ways than one and a busy week with School tours. Plus some exciting news for foodies with a new appointment to the butchery team...

One Happy Pig !
After 100 years of breeding and 20 years since publicly shown an unlikely, or certainly unexpected, success at Royal Cornwall for our Boar.

An early morning start saw us queueing in traffic like you had never seen and for a moment left us wondering if we would even get to the show at all ! With a car full of strawberries, pasties and quiches from the Trevaskis kitchens for all to enjoy at our website launch and a pen full of pigs eagerly waiting to be spruced up and paraded infront of the crowds, the pressure was on.

First the Website launch. A quick run around the show to invite recognised friends and colleagues along for a glass of fizz toped with a floating Trevaskis strawberry whilst the technical guys sweated over bundles of wire and cables to repair a lost connection !! However all this aside, and on a more serious note, the website was met with great reception, especially from the education sector. The overall message received was that we were a long way ahead with our offering of Trevaskis as an educational resource than many other like projects. A great accolade to all the staff at the farm who have worked so hard alongside me to get this up and running.

Then it was a quick dash down to the pig pens to help Paul with the showing. The females did not fair so well but were up against very stiff competition. So we rested all our hopes on our boar, who we secretely expected to do well. Hard to say it was an elegant parade around the ring (for those of you that have seen pig showing will understand) but as the judge drew close to his decision...we waited..and then the moment... first prize and Champion Male rossette awarded to Paul.

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School Tour Jam ?
A busy week for Hannah this week with 3 tours and over 150 children. It's a great time of year for this with so much fruit out in the fields for the children to pick and taste.

So as the farm staff busily potted up plants for the groups to take home with them (to have a go at growing their own), Hannah laboured over more Key stage 1 and 2 work sheets to enhance their tour and enable it to fit with their programme of study. Then the buses arrived, each on their own day.

Pencoys school arrived with their year 1 and reception pupils, who were doing their 'Business Enterprise Project'. After picking strawberries and gooseberries, off they went to make jams to sell at their school fayre while Lanner school split into groups after their tour of the farm. Each group took turns in picking their own fruits and were off to make gooseberry jam and chutney at school. We are told that they will be dropping some back to us this week and we will have this available to taste in the Farm Shop, accompanied by some new delicious ranges of biscuits just in.

The last group of the week, and often the most rewarding, were a group of autistic children with their carers from Three Bridges School. A different approach with much more emphasis on the senses of tastes and smells makes these tours a heart warming experience.

A Prestigious New Appointment...
Our search was on for another pair of hands to assist Pete with the excellent work he does in our butchery. Working with our own (prize winning!) pork from the farm, along with our 'South Devon Breed' beef from local farms, the bar was set high !

We are very pleased to welcome Huw Jones to the team. Huw has spent a lifetime in the food arena; from having run, cheffed and managed the Trengilly Wartha Inn on the Helford Passage to owning Merryvale Charcuterie. For those of you that remember Merryvale Charcuterie in Truro, down it's busy little side street, just off the high street, you will know what Huw has to offer. Having won prizes nationally for his quality of work, from making award winning sausages to chorizo's and an exceptional talent in curing meats, Huw will complement our butchery perfectly. So look out for some new ranges to tempt your taste buds very soon !

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We look forward to seeing you all soon - Thank you!
Giles & the Trevaskis team