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Is it May or really April !
Edition 1 - 04-06-07

Firstly, a big welcome back to all our newsletter readers. As many of you will know, it has been a gruelling year of expansion and re-branding here at Trevaskis, as such some things have gone by the wayside...namely our newsletter ! But rest assured we are back and will be getting regular updates to you on all that is going on at the farm. From new crops in season, special offers, event days, kitchen garden workshops and school tours to simply what's been going on, from new births to crop plantings.

Please note: During the database upload some of you may have been uploaded despite never signing up for our newsletters. Apologies if this is the case. Simply visit our site to remove your details or e-mail a reply to this mail and I will ensure that your details are excluded.

Website Launch and Pig showing ?
An unlikely combination, I hear you say. However, this week myself and some of the team will be at the Royal Cornwall Show, launching our new website and showing our rare breed pigs, for the first time in over 20 years!

We have spent the last few months putting in all the time we can spare (normally in the wee hours!) getting our new website up and running. Working with the exceptionally talented help of local firm, Nixon design, we are finally there. Nixon's, who hold a stand at Royal Cornwall (stand 307, opposite the members pavillion), will be showcasing our new site and what it has to offer. There is a champagne reception launch at 12pm on Thursday the 7th along with some nibbles...naturally supplied by ourselves. All are welcome, should you be passing, with Emma, our general manager, on hand to talk about the farm and Hannah, our educational resource manager, to tell you about all the good work we have been doing with the local schools. I will also be there, but running between the two, as we are showing our rare breed British Lop pigs this year, across the country. Having been in the family since 1890, they were last shown by my great uncle over 20 years ago, so we thought it was time to pick up the mantle and support this rare breed society!

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Summer fruit picking has started...

The weather is a bit topsy turvey with April's showers in May but we are fairing with it. The dry April had slowed some outdoor crops down... yet the weeds still seemed to grow, and now with the showers they are rampant!

But at last we are away from those awful tasting Spanish strawberries and our own strawberries are picking in abundance. We are planting 2 more table top tunnels this year in an attempt to bridge that gap in late July and early August. So if all goes to plan(unlikely in farming) we will have a steady flow of strawberries from now until October.

Our early tunnel crop of raspberries are also picking beautiful large berries at the moment and with the outdoor crop looking a little light this year, due to last years dry summer, I would advise grabbing these...but if not, we are hopeful of an Autumn variety that should do well.

And just starting with those lovely first sharp berries, and my favourite by far , are the gooseberries. An absolutely monster crop again this year, so pick until your hearts content with some special offers available on the website.

Also, flowing in from our fields now are our early broad beans, many different varieties of lettuce, sweet peas (flower), new season turnips, rhubarb and spinach with our beetroot, carrots, mange-tout, sugar-snap and shelling peas, just a week or so away.

School tours a huge success.
Some of you may remember me harping on about adapting the farm into an educational resource, whilst not loosing it's way as a centre for so many fresh crops, both in our restaurant, farm shop and available for pick your own.

Well, some 2 years on, after lots of work to the farm we have launched our educational offering. Hannah Tovey, a new member to the Trevaskis team, heads up our Schools programme, supported by 12 years of primary classroom teaching experience, whilst Paul Eustice, with his lifetime of farming experience and lecturing in organic kitchen gardening, runs our kitchen garden workshops.

We have conducted many school tours so far this year, with even more booked. The response from both the children and teachers has been of great encouragement. Hannah has taken this to a new level by formulating the tour into their programme of study, as well as pursuing the follow up activities, with our chefs visiting schools and giving cooking demonstrations or Paul conducting kitchen garden workshops. Some of the work created by the children at school, following on from their tour, is now on display in the restaurant, should you want to come along and take a look.

Paul's kitchen garden workshop days have also proved very popular. As you can see from the testimonials on our website, Paul has managed to succesfully impart his passion and knowledge of organic kitchen gardening to his students, leaving them enthused and champing at the bit to create their own piece of Trevaskis at home.

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We look forward to seeing you all soon - Thank you!
Giles & the Trevaskis team