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Celebrate National Sausage Week this week!

Join our week - long celebration of the humble banger this week, with some not-so-humble speciality sausages, made by our talented butchery team.

From Classic Cornish Pork to Toulouse and Chorizo, all are made using pork from our *prize-winning, free-range British Lop herd. The butchery are producing speciality sausages daily this week, while our chefs are happily dreaming up sausage specials to feature on the restaurant menu.

And just to encourage you to try these fantastic sausages (see the full range below) we are offering 100 community card points per kilo of sausages bought from our butchery for Community Card holders this week. Don't panic if you're not yet a Community Card holder  - we can provide you with a card when you come to buy, so you can start earning points instantly.  

[*Yes, we can officially say that our pigs are truly prize winning, as our July - born gilt won 'Lop of the Year' at Melton Mowbray - the ultimate annual show and culmination of the years showing, where our winners from Devon County and Royal Cornwall entered the ring against prize-winning, rare-breed pigs from all over the country. Happily, this winning gilt is now heavily in pig.]

Speciality sausages for Sausage Week:

Plain pork

Pork and Apple


Pork and leek

Garlic and Herb

Sweet Chilli



Gluten Free

Hog's Pudding

We look forward to seeing you all soon - Thank you!
Giles & the Trevaskis team